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FatherShit.com websites ; FatherShitSg.com , OnNews.FatherShit.com , Ent.FatherShit.com , Military.FatherShit.com , People.TodayAsiaNews.com , TodayAsiaNews.com , TodayAsia.News , NanyangView.com.cn , NanyangView.cn , referred to as FatherShit.

《FatherShit》Launched in 2018. It believes that independent media is the key to the progress of a country.

FatherShit is a comprehensive evaluation and Online newspaper published in Singapore. It is a multilingual news website in Chinese and English.

The FatherShitSg.com website was established on February 29, 2020, and then was created on June 3, 2020. ParentShitSg.com was closed on August 16, 2020, and opened at 23:00 on the evening of August 16, 2020 on the same day To Open TodayAsiaNews.com (Today Asia News).

NanYangView.com.cn was created on August 2, 2020. NanYangView was established to share Chinese entertainment, technology, finance, news and other content for overseas Chinese. The team changed its name to Nanyang Observer-Nanyang Weekly on October 14th. It will be updated every Friday.

Founded on September 9, 2020. PeopleTodayAsiaNews.com is called (TodayAsia) and the team changed (People Today Asia) on September 15. The purpose of People.TodayAsia.com is to share important real-time global information for Chinese in Southeast Asia. Part of the content will be updated simultaneously on FatherShit.com. In the Online newspaper.

Independent media inform citizens of current affairs and defend their rights in real time through citizens’ actions. They pay attention to global news in news content and often report on various officialdoms in global society.

FatherShit follows global news in news content. It often reports on the bureaucracy of global society. At the same time, there are not many local news in Singapore, and there are also classified websites, such as finance, entertainment, and Nanyang.

Without a vigilant media, defenders can easily use their financial power to bribe influential people and use their public order power to limit dissent. Acting in the interests of a few people, this behavior leads to national unity and social decline.

In Singapore, traditional print and broadcast media are strictly controlled by the government.

However, The online media has not obtained the same license and allows online changes to be more diverse. Even so, Internet media are still subject to laws that restrict freedom of speech, such as the “Official Secrets Act” and the “Sedition Act”, as well as certain civil suits that slander the royal family.

FatherShit that because of his independent position, reported the latest social issues and never avoided controversial topics or compromised due to political pressure.”

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